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Paws Park Midstream!

A “pawfect” breakaway for your pet - from lodging, socialising and dog training to a relaxed off leash park.

Dog Park in Midstream

More than a dog park! What's on offer at
Paws Park...

From dog walks, to free roam boarding and so much more, right in the heart of Gauteng.
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Free Roam Boarding

It used to be that dog boarding meant keeping your dog locked in a confined area for the duration of your vacation. To many dog owners, dog boarding still means that. However, you always know a good boarding facility because they have the option for a cage-free boarding experience. While if your dog is excessively nervous or aggressive it might not be the right choice, if you have a social pupperfly on your hands, they can have just as much of a vacation as you could.
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Dog Free Foam Services

Doggy Day Care

Doggy day care is a wonderful way to help your dog burn energy and practice their social skills. Most dogs enjoy one to two days of doggy day care per week.
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Dog park visit

Day visitors

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Dog Taxi Services

Dog taxi

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Dog Training and Agility Classes

Dog training and agility classes

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Did you know:

Day visits are now free

Come spend some time with your pawsome companion in our walking area.

At Paws Park your furry friends will have a Pawfect experience!

Paws Park is approximately 10 000m² of paw pleasure, including picnic facilities.

Visit us for a fun walk in Paws Park or book your furry friend in for boarding, socialising, playtime or dog training. We pride ourselves in providing a homely, stress free environment for you and your canines to enjoy.

Our dogs spend the morning doing introductions, which includes much sniffing, smelling and no small amount of fun doggie interaction. This is then followed by games with the pack leader, ranging from playing fetch to agility and puzzle like games, over lunch (during the heat of the day) the dogs get a rest and lounge around our dog pool. This is then followed with walks/running on the other side of the park where our pack leader works on recall and other training.

Our daycare dogs are given individual attention throughout the day and the schedule is flexible and dictated by what our dogs need.

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Canine Care

We will take care of your canines every need by managing their diets, play time and medication if required.
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Special treatment

Treats and special requests are welcome as we love bonding with your pets as much as you do.
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Pawfect comfort

You are welcome to visit the pet accommodation at any time, during office hours, to make sure your pampered pet will be comfortable in our environment.