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Paws Park Services

Free Roam Boarding

It used to be that dog boarding meant keeping your dog locked in a confined area for the duration of your vacation. To many dog owners, dog boarding still means that. However, you always know a good boarding facility because they have the option for a cage-free boarding experience. While if your dog is excessively nervous or aggressive it might not be the right choice, if you have a social dog butterfly on your hands, they can have just as much of a vacation in it as you are.

If your dog does well in social situations, then a cage-free boarding experience is like an all day play date. They are put in with groups of like minded dogs also staying there, and are of course supervised by staff to play and quickly break up any disputes. However, don’t mistake that cage-free boarding is 100% cage-free. Your dog will be free to roam all day, but will still be privileged to private sleeping accommodations at night. After a long day of roaming around and playing with a bunch of dogs, it is likely they will sleep like a stone and not even realize they are alone. It might be kind of sad to think your dog isn’t going to be missing you, but at least you will know that they will be too tired to miss you. Unfortunately, cage-less boarding isn’t right for every dog. It may be that they need to have their cage-free time limited. Some dogs build up stress and that can make them act out.

However, even if they need some solitude to unwind, they will still be treated to regular potty breaks and play time. If you have a vacation planned and think cage-free boarding may be right for your dog, contact us today.

Free Roam boarding Service


  • Our Cabanas are in a converted shipping container, consisting of 10 cubicles (1,2mx1m) . The container has rubberised flooring and aircon with good air and light flow.

  • Each cubicle has 1,2mx1m of sheltered area. Each cabana also has a fenced off and shaded cement run of 3mx1,1m outside the container. The access door between the elevated sleeping cubicle and the cement run can be adjusted according to the weather.

  • The cabanas are free roaming, which means that the dogs sleep inside the kennel during the night but are free to roam the park during the day. If your dog is not social, or you don’t want him/her to mix with other dogs, we can put them in a separate enclosure during the day, and even take him/her for on-leashed walks, away from other dogs.

  • The Cabanas can sleep a maximum of 2 medium dogs.

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Garden Villa

  • The Garden Villas are enclosed grass areas of 10mx10m, consisting of a Wendy house that is approximately 1.8mx1.8m in size, with a little veranda outside. If our dog(s) are social, they are welcome to free roam on the park during the day.

  • Garden Villas can sleep max 4 large dogs.

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Doggy Day Care

Doggy day care is a wonderful way to help your dog burn energy and practice their social skills. Most dogs enjoy one to two days of doggy day care per week.

Our dogs spend the morning doing introductions, which includes much sniffing, smelling and no small amount of fun doggie interaction. This is then followed by games with the pack leader, ranging from playing fetch to agility and puzzle like games, over lunch (during the heat of the day) the dogs get a rest and lounge around our dog pool. This is then followed with walks/running on the other side of the park where our pack leader works on recall and other training.

Our daycare dogs are given individual attention throughout the day and the schedule is flexible and dictated by what our dogs need.
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Dog Day Care Services

Day Visitors

Come spend some time with your pawsome companion in our walking area. A happy dog likes to socialise and explore … he does this by sniffing when going for walks in new places! At Paws Park Midstream, we offer your pet the most pleasurable experience, they’ll be begging to visit again & again! If you would like to confirm how busy the park is or think your dog might need extra space during walks please contact us on 064 650 7598 to arrange your walk.
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Paws Park Day Visiting

Dog Taxi

Take the pressure out of providing for your furry family member with the Pika’s Pets Dog Taxi service. Comfortable & safe transport to and from the ultimate “pawfect” park in Midstream.

Please contact Pika’s pets at: 072 287 2665 for bookings and payments.

Please note that this service is restricted to Midstream residents only.
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Paws Park Dog Taxi Service

Dog Training
& Agility Classes

Classes available:
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Puppy Classes

Puppies up to 4 months.
*Exceptions can be made for small breed dogs if needed.
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Junior puppy class

Puppies from 4 months, no prior training.
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Fundamental obedience class

Puppies that have passed Puppy or Junior Puppy Class.
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Basic obedience classes

Puppies / dogs from 10 months with prior training or passed fundamental obedience class.
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Beginners agility

Puppies / Dogs from 10 months with no prior agility training, but must have some obedience training e.g. sit, stay, recall.
Booking is essential as spaces fill up quickly!
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